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An Australian Christmas Lobby

My Christmas card to the Pope, the Christian lobbies, and all those others who have forgotten what their religion is supposed to be about.
Rockbadger (Paul Huxley)

Sister Mary Jane Has Her Doubts

Sister Mary Jane waxes cynical over the government’s planned reforms to anti-discrimination law.

Mandatory Reporting Requirements

Who is required by law to report child abuse etc. across Australia and state by state.

Anti-Discrimination – A Holy Cop-Out

The proposed ‘religious’ exemptions to anti-discrimination law make no sense, especially in the light of the compromise over aged-care.

Secrets From The Confessional

Miles Heffernan says it’s absurd that Catholic priests are exempt from the laws that can force doctors to reveal what is told to them in confidence.

Stand by for Incoming

The child abuse inquiry is going to create dangerous times for the LGBTI community. We must be prepared.

A Roman Holiday

The Catholic Church IS a special case, akin to an organised crime syndicate: their crimes against children ARE greater than those of others: and the Royal Commission is Justice, not a witch-hunt.

Green Melinda

Priestly Exemptions

Gregory Storer asks, why is the Victorian Gay & Lesbian Rights Lobby apparently condoning discrimination against gays who want to be priests?

Angela N

Keep Religion Out of Schools

One of many fine ideas to come out of the United States of America: that in a pluralistic, multicultural society, state and religion must be kept strictly separate. And that…