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“Through many dark hourI’ve been thinkin’ about thisThat Jesus ChristWas betrayed by a kiss But I can’t think for youYou’ll have to decideWhether Judas IscariotHad God on his side.”  –…

"Catholic's Lies" by The unnamed is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Catholic Deception Central to New Belgian Book on Voluntary Assisted Dying

Propaganda arguing for palliative care and against voluntary assisted dying are appearing everywhere, but what the writers and publishers don’t tell you is that they are all working clandestinely for the Vatican.


Most moments in our lives wash over us, quickly forgotten. The information which shapes and changes our views is often acquired incrementally –  we know what we believe, but it’s…


Chrys Stevenson expertly unravels the disturbing ‘Christian’ doctrine that underpins our dangerous prime minister.

"The Old Hag" by giveawayboy is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Unfit For Honours – Margaret Court

Call us LGBTIQ, call us Queer, call us people of different Sexual Orientations & Gender Identities, and we might cringe at any one of them, but we’ll wear it. What…

Submission to Religious Freedom Bills Second Exposure Drafts

The Bills are a zero sum game where every Australian loses dignity, respect and basic rights. Perpetrators lose integrity and respect. Victims are demeaned and harmed. Respect for religion will diminish. Bystanders and legislators are complicit. There is a paucity of empathy and humanity and a sense of malice, behind the Bills.

Time For Real Equality

We need to stop kowtowing to these overmighty prelates and demand that they be put on an equal footing with us and everyone else.

The Ten Percenters

A nice little money-saver for ‘religious’ employers. Tax exempt “Religious” businesses – not just churches, mosques, synagogues themselves, but the businesses they own and run, such as hospitals, schools, care…


God was OK with trans folk. Why Are his followers not?