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Color Line

Time to ask the hard questions: the problem with state same-sex marriage

Luke Gahan says we are heading into dangerous waters by pushing for state-based same-sex marriage laws.

AIDS Councils silent on discrimination law reform

Is it time to defund the AIDS councils and give the money to useful people?

Write Senate, Not Santa: You have till midnight

You only have TILL MIDNIGHT to make a submission to the Senate Committee examining the Exposure Draft of Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Bill 2012 . I did: will you?

Perth LGBT Community & AIDS Council asked to pay for improvements to AIDS Memorial

The Perth Sisters of the Order of Perpetual Indulgence have a plan to save the AIDS Memorial: but the City wants the community to pay for it.

Perth AIDS Memorial Hijacked

James Rendell says the Perth AIDS Memorial has been taken from the local LGBTI community that paid for it. and he wants it handed back.

Deputy Chief Psychiatrist Goes

In April the GLBTI community called for Prof Kuruvilla George to be removed as Deputy Chief Psychiatrist of Victoria: now his job is being advertised.

Mike Licht

Supremes to Review DOMA & Prop. 8

Columbia Law School Sexuality & Gender Law Clinic, which filed amicus briefs on behalf of the plaintiffs in both cases at earlier stages in the litigation, responds to U.S. Supreme Court Decision to Review DOMA, Prop. 8 Same-Sex Marriage Cases.

Rainbow Report on Soft Tackles

Tackling homophobia in sport is underfunded and, it seems, too easily relegated to the backburner. Rainbow Report Thurs 7pm AEDST Joy 94.9 Melbourne, phoe app/online

Emails about Qld AIDS defunding emerge

Emails lay bare the political nature of QAHC’s defunding and bureaucratic ignorance of state footwear emblem.

David Ingram

Rainbow Report on Progress

Are we making progress on marriage, fighting HIV, reducing discrimination, in the armed forces? Doug Pollard’s guests Air Commodore Tracy Smart, AMEs Carl Katter, AFAOs Rob Lake & OII Aus’s Gina Wilson tonight.