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So What That You’re Offended?

Miles Heffernan argues that winning judgements in courts doesn’t win over the hearts and minds of our opponents.

Election Campaign Editorial Policy

All political viewpoints welcome here.

Prejudice on the Paramatta – updated

Is this sign ‘offensive language’? I think not. Sign the petition.

Changing AFL Culture

Can gay men learn anything about changing the AFL by looking at it’s record with indigenous Australians and women?

Coming Out in the 21st Century

Coming out is the one political statement we all have to make, especially celebs.

Gillard Gays & God (with a side of Wallace)

ACLs Jim Wallace, spooked by opposition to religious exemptions, tries to spook the PM.

More AFL Tokenism

The AFL continues to insult the gay community with only token gestures in response to calls for change.

Why Anti-Gay-Rights Activists should be banned from getting Married

It’s an odd concept to have a situation where you can support gay marriage by signing a petition against marriage. Mat Parrott explains.

rare music video

Black Voices Not All Anti-Gay

Sometimes it seems that the worst thing you can be in black and gay in Africa & the Caribbean. But there are signs of change.

An Australian Christmas Lobby

My Christmas card to the Pope, the Christian lobbies, and all those others who have forgotten what their religion is supposed to be about.