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Post Mardi Gras Police Blues

Were the cops at Mardi Gras ‘gay-baiting’?

An Open Letter to Julia Gillard

To my dear PM, Tonight, while trying to find some same sex couples for an event I was messaged by one young Australian. I’ll call him Daniel (which is not…

Businesses & Cities Supporting Marriage Equality

Disney Apple Mars JetBlue Adobe Facebook Twitter CreditSuisse Google Starbucks

Fresh G-A-Y Branding

Hollywood does remakes, reinventions, re-imaginings all the time. Let’s re-imagine GAY.

Anti-Discrimination Law Changes – Act Now

‘Religious’ organisations want to keep their special privileges to discriminate against de factos, single mums, gays & lesbians: end them now.

Write To The Papers – Addresses You’ll Need

One of the best ways to make our case on any issue is to write letters to the papers. Here are the addresses you’ll need. The Australian – Letters Sydney Morning…

Who Are The ACL?

A little background on a few of the moneymen behind the Australian Christian Lobby.

Tony Abbott: “Some of my best friends are gay”

The fact that Tony Abbott knows, and apparently loves, a range of GLBTIQ people makes his position against full equality even more unforgivable . . he still chooses to see them as inferior to heterosexuals.

The Labor Party’s lost my respect . . and my vote.

Bye bye progress, bye bye social democracy, bye bye moderates, bye bye radicals, bye bye reformers: Labor has jettisoned you all.

So What That You’re Offended?

Miles Heffernan argues that winning judgements in courts doesn’t win over the hearts and minds of our opponents.