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Businesses & Cities Supporting Marriage Equality

Disney Apple Mars JetBlue Adobe Facebook Twitter CreditSuisse Google Starbucks

Fresh G-A-Y Branding

Hollywood does remakes, reinventions, re-imaginings all the time. Let’s re-imagine GAY.

Anti-Discrimination Law Changes – Act Now

‘Religious’ organisations want to keep their special privileges to discriminate against de factos, single mums, gays & lesbians: end them now.

Write To The Papers – Addresses You’ll Need

One of the best ways to make our case on any issue is to write letters to the papers. Here are the addresses you’ll need. The Australian – Letters Sydney Morning…

Who Are The ACL?

A little background on a few of the moneymen behind the Australian Christian Lobby.

Tony Abbott: “Some of my best friends are gay”

The fact that Tony Abbott knows, and apparently loves, a range of GLBTIQ people makes his position against full equality even more unforgivable . . he still chooses to see them as inferior to heterosexuals.

The Labor Party’s lost my respect . . and my vote.

Bye bye progress, bye bye social democracy, bye bye moderates, bye bye radicals, bye bye reformers: Labor has jettisoned you all.

So What That You’re Offended?

Miles Heffernan argues that winning judgements in courts doesn’t win over the hearts and minds of our opponents.

Election Campaign Editorial Policy

All political viewpoints welcome here.

Prejudice on the Paramatta – updated

Is this sign ‘offensive language’? I think not. Sign the petition.