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Ministerial Advisory Committee

Full list of members.

Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Bill Dropped

Act now to save the anti-discrimination bill.

Ugandan Lesbian Dies After Violent Removal from UK

Jackie Nanyonjo may have feared to seek treatment

From Mardi Gras to Malta

Malta has a new gay-friendly government: a 78er reflects.

The 70 Unsolved Sydney Gay Murders

1985-2000: thousands bashed, hundreds hospitalised, 70 dead

Education Minister Peter Garrett calls gay “a choice”

Peter Garrett let his Christian prejudices show briefly this week

Greenwich Reschedules Mardi Gras Policing Forum

Tu 19 Mar NSW Teachers Federation Conference Centre Surry Hills 7pm

The Queen’s Non-Speech

Even the most ardent republicans – you know, the ones who tut their way through every bit of royal news complaining “This is news??” and “Who the f— cares??” –…