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Fight Not Flannel

‘Conversion therapy’ must be criminalised From reading the press, and posts on Facebook, I was alerted to an apparent contradiction between the attitude of Australian Equality towards Victorian Labor’s proposals…

Let LGBTI Kids Be Free & Equal

Religious schools must operate under the same laws as all others

Shelly Argent on Labor’s Conversion Therapy Proposals

Will religious extremists now consider this ‘therapy’ an act of religious freedom?

Re: Sex Discrimination (Removing Discrimination Against Students) Bill 2018

The Senate Legal & Constitutional Affairs Committee is currently taking submissions on the Sex Discrimination (Removing Discrimination Against Students) Bill 2018. The Bill, introduced by Penny Wong, amends the Sex Discrimination Act…

Marriage Equality – Unfinished Business

We must not pretend that we already have equal marriage

Liberals Claiming Credit for Marriage Equality Can Get in the Bin

Liberals were the main obstacle to equality, and still are.

“Give Them A Chance To Be Heterosexual”

Time and time again we were lectured… that keeping the topic of homosexuality out of the curriculum as long as possible, while the pupils were going through puberty, was utterly imperative.

Politician Pensions & Entitlements: Time For Reform

An interesting chain email came my way:  I discovered its essentially anonymous (it had what appeared to be an author name at the foot, but they have since disowned it…