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Constitution Forbids “Religious Freedom” to Discriminate

No other person may be constrained in any way by another person’s beliefs

How To Write A Submission To The Ruddock Review

Think First Please take a few minutes to read this material and think carefully about what you want to say. Feel comfortable and confident about your ideas before you write…

Give Us More Exclusion Zones

A submission to the Ruddock inquiry into religious freedom  The writer wishes to remain anonymous Women’s Health Centres Please recommend exclusion zones for protestors outside women’s health centres in every…

Fatal ‘Niceness’ Cruels Marriage Win

Lisa Mullin is a transgender woman and activist who has has watched the US religious right’s tactics and strategy against LGBTI people since they were first successfully trialed in Houston in 2015….

A Christian Asks: What About Freedom FROM Religion?

Dear Mr Ruddock Can this Review also consider the freedoms of atheists and those without religious beliefs? “Article 18 [of the United Nations ICCPR] protects theistic, non-theistic and atheistic beliefs,…

We Won One Battle But The War’s Not Over

Backlash always comes after a win