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"Antiseptic, gloves and medical mask on a white background - personal protective equipment" by wuestenigel is licensed under CC BY 2.0

State of Emergency or State of Entitlement?

Victorians may be reacting badly to the extension of the Emergency because they know they only have themselves to blame and are feeling guilty.

Keep Your Distance!

In case you forgot, this is how to stop passing the virus around.

Using COVIDSafe Safely

Despite the hype, to covid tracing app won’t keep you safe, nor your data.

Ma-ma-ma-my Corona!

How the Us is tackling coronavirus

We’re Cash Cows For The Pharma

Living with HIV: the conflict of interest between AIDS organisations and the pharmaceutical industry – by James May On another World AIDS Day, I wish I could believe a cure…

Religious Freedom A Major Health Hazard

The Trump administration – spurred on by the Alliance Defending Freedom – wants to hand religious medical professionals the right to refuse treatment in the name of ‘religious freedom’. Our…

Trans Health Australia Submission to Ruddock Review

They are breaking the social compact by imposing their theologies on other groups and overall society

PreP Approved For PBS Listing

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