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Life’s a Beach

Cyclones, stingers, crocs, what’s not to love about FNQ?

Beyond Priscilla: One Man One Ute & A Cuppa

A gay man, a gay truck and a cuppa: a simple formula to charm the outback

Skegness Is Soooo Bracing, Darling

The famous fisherman may soon find a friend

Freshly Doug Tuesday

Copping it rough at Mardi Gras, annd another gay press group falling?

Freshly Doug Monday

Cardinal O’Brien’s gay adventures known in Rome since 2001; cure for HepC blocked; Green mom shines.

Mardi Gras Extra Freshly

Happy Mardi Gras: if you’re gonna hump, always wrap your stump! Twice if you’re Irish! 🙂

Freshly Doug Weekender

US Supremes flooded with friendly briefs, while the Old Pope’s curios domestic arrangements are causing comment.