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Seven Years Of Fear

My UnSafe School

Time to fight back

30yrs later kids still not safe

Seeking LGBTI Students Mistreated At Religious Schools

From: Josephine Tovey I’m a reporter at the SMH and am looking at doing a story on exemptions for religious organisations and private schools from anti-discrimination laws. I’m particularly keen to…

Rainbow Report on History

The Rainbow Report on History, 7pm AEDST on Joy 94.9 Melbourne, or live online via the website/phone app.

Friends of Dorothy Part 2: The Power of One

Daniel Witthaus continues his thoughts on forging alliances with mainstream organisations and he allies within them.

Friends of Dorothy – Part 1: Not Victims But Allies

In the first of a two-part series, educator Daniel Witthaus looks at claims of gay ‘victimhood’ and the value of straight allies.

Richard Bowen

Devine Telegraphs Hate

Some of our politicians seem to think that the issue of marriage equality is now settled for some time.  That’s code for “we don’t want to think about this any…

Liv Unni Sødem

Outside the City: 50 Shades of Rainbow

Daniel is an educator who has toured rural and regional Australia “challenging homophobia one cuppa at a time”, working with local schools and educators. He looks at what it takes to survive as GLBTI outside the major cities.