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"bread" by How can I recycle this is licensed under CC BY 2.0

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Rice…

Going vego was a washout: new doctor, new diet. No carbs.

Seventy, girls, seventy!

In less than a fortnight’s time I shall turn 70. Apart from finding that rather hard to believe, I’m also finding it difficult to celebrate it, too. If we were…

The smell of woodsmoke

Is someone living in Deadman’s Gully?

Say Hello to Dementia

Looking over an old blog, I found some posts I made during a visit to London. This was after my father had died, while Mum was still living at home,…

Travelling With Veggies

Queens of the road…

Death Of A Star

Will you put your money where your mouth is?

The House Of The Northern Gate

Atomic power, Vulcan Bombers, The Queen Mum and Damson Fool