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Have a SHAG in Bendigo this Sunday

Old Bendigo Fire Station
Sunday Apl 28
Noon till Four

Coming Out in the 21st Century

Coming out is the one political statement we all have to make, especially celebs.

Rainbow Report on Docos

Podcast now up: 1900hrs AEDST every Thursday on Joy 94.9: streaming live via the web or the free iPone app, Doug Pollard presents The Rainbow Report.

Blue Serge

Support Our Stories On Screen

The more people see gay people and gay lives in movies and on television, the more gay rights advance. Here are two great opportunities for all of us to help…

Entertained by Heartbreak

A young man is beaten, tortured, left tied to a fence to freeze to death. A man weeps at the loss of his love  during the worst of the HIV/AIDS pandemic. A…