Casey: Christians & Corruption

Rosalie-CrestanieCouncillor who wants gays out of Casey wants Muslims gone too

Her party – Rise Up Australia – preferenced by Napthine’s Liberals


Last night Councillor Rosalie Crestani tried to introduce a motion to shut down all lesbian, gay, bisexual transgender and intersex (LGBTI) work and outreach by Casey Council. She failed, but she promises to try again Thursday. The Motion says:

Notices of Motion 18 November 2014

Notice of Motion 2886

Sexual Orientation

Cr Crestani Council Plan Reference: Not provided

I hereby give notice that at the Council Meeting on18 November 2014 I intend to move a motion as follows:

That, since the role of the Council is local, it is beyond the Council’s powers to adopt policies in State or Federal matters such as to sexual orientation; that, since the function of the Council is to provide public services to our residents, it is beyond the Council’s remit to discuss or address private issues such as sexual orientation;

that, since the obligation of the Council is to serve all residents equally, it is beyond the Council’s powers to accord any special treatment to any sexual orientation; that, since the Council’s decisions must not favour any one political party, faction or special interest, it is contrary to the Council’s obligation of objectivity and neutrality to promote any particular sexual orientation; and that, therefore, with immediate effect –

1. The communications department shall no longer issue media releases concerning sexual orientation or LGBTI.

2. LGBTI “diversity training” of Council staff shall cease.

3. The GLHV (Gay Lesbian Health Victoria) signs “You don’t have to tell us if you’re gay, lesbian, bi, trans* or intersex. But you can.” shall be removed from all Council premises.

4. Council committees shall no longer be used for partisan promotion of the LGBTI vested interest.

Such a Putin-like motion could never stand because (as the councils own governance officer has advised) it is contrary to the Equal Opportunities Act. Not that this will stop her from trying again, even though no other councillor is at present willing to act as seconder.

Councillor Crestani is standing for an upper house seat in the south-east metropolitan region as a candidate for extreme right Christian party Rise Up Australia, and this will no doubt generate some publicity for her campaign. Publicity which Dennis Napthine will find most unwelcome, as his party has preferenced Rise Up Australia ahead of both Greens and Labor.

You may remember RUA as the only people in Victoria prepared to offer houseroom to the equally extreme World Congress of Families, championed by Federal Social Services Minister, Pontifical Family Council member and Liberal powerbroker Kevin Andrews.

The Rise Up Australia party, with it’s hardline stance against Islam, multiculturalism and gay rights, is reckoned to be in with a chance of a seat, thanks to preference deals, including with the Liberals.

Pastor Danny Naliah

Pastor Danny Naliah, who had a dream about the Black Saturday bushfires and woke with “a flash from the Spirit of God: that His conditional protection has been removed from the nation of Australia, in particular Victoria, for approving the slaughter of innocent children in the womb”. [SMH]

Crestani’s efforts last night generated some heat, with the deputy mayor trying to introduce an LGBTI supportive motion, prompting Councillor Sam Aziz to storm out, rendering the meeting inquorate.

The councillors will reconvene on Thursday. A number have contacted activists to say they will be reintroducing the counter-motion, too. It could be a lively night out, if you’re in the mood for some political cabaret.

Councillors Aziz and Crestani have teamed up before. Along with their mate Danny Naliah, the leader of the Rise Up Australia party and Catch The Fire Ministry, they led the very vocal opposition to the building of a mosque in the area.

The Deputy Mayor Sam Aziz, originally from Egypt, who is a Coptic Christian, took a very bold stand with the support of another Councillor Rosalie Costani and challenged the Mayor and the other Councillors to take a good look at Islam and the Koran’s teachings, before voting for or against the Mosque.

Councillor Aziz wanted to do a presentation on Islam and the Koran’s teachings, with a power point and video presentation, but unfortunately the Mayor blocked it.  Nevertheless, he still was able to present his case very well, while speaking about the submitted petitions.

Councillor Costani also took a very bold stand and spoke out against the dangers of Islam. The people from the gallery clapped and cheered them on.  On numerous occasions, the Mayor aggressively called the gallery to silence, but then backed down and let them continue.

Sam Aziz

Sam Aziz

The Council as a whole is keen to distance itself from Crestani, issuing a statement

City of Casey Council has received a number of posts today from community members regarding Cr Crestani’s notice of motion.

We want to let you know the opinions expressed are those of Cr Crestani’s as an individual and not of the City of Casey’s.

Thanks again for sharing your views with us.

Casey has been in the news for other reasons recently: the Ombudsman is allegedly investigating possible corruption involving Liberal councillors and property developers.

Councillor Geoff Ablett, who is the Liberal candidate for Cranbourne, and Cr Amanda Stapledon, who is standing for the Coalition in Narre Warren North, have been questioned by the Ombudsman’s office investigators in relation to alleged corrupt donations and council planning decisions made in the past year, it has been reported.

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