Brainwashing Aussie Kids for God George Higinbotham – @streligionVIC  –

Although Australia is one of the most secular nations in the world, its state schools are under attack from an increasingly aggressive and fundamentalist movement which has transformed an outdated policy designed to accommodate bible teaching, into a vehicle to evangelise children. Though this group is small, they are politically potent. This video focuses on the views on one of Australia’s prominent “Child Evangelists” Graham McDonald, who is founder of the Australian Christian Heritage Foundation.

In this video we see the ways in which child evangelists undermine the secular principles of our democracy, how they seek to exploit very young children and how their theology is based on a shallow and literal reading of the bible.

Should our government endorse this kind of religion? Should we allocate 3% of the teaching time in our state schools to people with this kind of fundamentalist ideology?

In what way do these values line up with the values of our society, which explicitly embrace diverse religious expression, critical thinking about religious texts, and a legal system that uses evidence and reason – rather than revelation as a guide to moral questions.

It is time we spoke honestly about why these views don’t belong in our schools. The secular principle is a core value of Australian Society, lets ask our political leaders to stand up to deluded men like Mr. Mac … who want to tear at the secular fabric of our flag. It is time we put a stop to “Special Religious Instruction” in our schools.

Please tell Adrian Piccoli that child evangelism doesn’t belong in our schools …

It’s not just NSW: check out this article.

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