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The Broken Mum Behind Exodus End

Religion can kill: the tragic end of a journey of faith.

Infant Circumcision: Cut It Out

The only person who has the right to decide whether a boy should be circumcised is the boy himself, when he’s of age.

So What That You’re Offended?

Miles Heffernan argues that winning judgements in courts doesn’t win over the hearts and minds of our opponents.

Secrets From The Confessional

Miles Heffernan says it’s absurd that Catholic priests are exempt from the laws that can force doctors to reveal what is told to them in confidence.

Entertained by Heartbreak

A young man is beaten, tortured, left tied to a fence to freeze to death. A man weeps at the loss of his love  during the worst of the HIV/AIDS pandemic. A…

Alex Greenwich About to Make History

Miles Heffernan muses on the significance of former Australian Marriage Equality boss Alex Greenwich’s bid for a seat in the NSW parliament.

Failure to Respond

Journalist Miles Heffernan gives an account of his numerous attempts to contact Ray Mackereth prior to publication, which received no response. Mackereth is welcome to submit a rebuttal to The Stirrer if he wishes.

What Mackereth Said To Me

A respected community member has provided this account of a conversation with Ray Mackereth re the defunding of QAHC

Gay Businessman Claims He Brought Down Queensland AIDS Council

Did Queensland gay businessman Ray Mackereth really bring down QAHC, as he claims, or is he just grandstanding? Miles Heffernan investigates.

Statement by Miles Heffernan

I have been a contributor with Qnews spanning over 5 years. From early April 2012 Ray explained to me that HIV was on the increase in Brisbane and that QAHC…