Australian Marriage Equality: Still Engaged To The Plebiscite

imageRumours persist that Australian Marriage Equality and its shadowy subsidiary, Australians 4 Equality, continue to lobby Labor members not to block the plebiscite.Indeed, although they have condemned the public vote that is currently on offer, they have still not condemned the idea of having any plebiscite at all


Suspicions persist that, having built a large and well funded organisation to campaign for a Yes vote, they have no idea what else they might do with it. It’s not just the government that has no Plan B, AME/A4E don’t either. They still want a plebiscite – just not the one we’re being offered.

And so they seem to be encouraging Bill Shorten to negotiate for “the best plebiscite we can get” instead of what the community wants, “no bloody plebiscite at all”.

Which, coincidentally, is the theme of a workshop to be run by A4E Co-Chair Anna Brown at the Adelaide Feast Festival. The ad in the program, however, makes no mention of her AME/A4E connection.

Here’s the program: turn to page 26.

“Want to get the best out of the marriage equality plebiscite?”

No, Anna, we don’t. Once and for all, no plebiscite ever. Let’s hear you say it. And let’s hear you change the subject of your workshop. There’s still time.  How about:

“Want to win marriage equality without a demeaning, degrading, dangerous public vote?”

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