Anti-Plebiscite Petition Live Again

Updating my previous post 26,000 Voices Silenced, I can now report that the petition against the plebiscite is still open and taking signatures. Please spread it around. We need as many signatures as we can get. Now that the Australian Electoral Commission has confirmed it’s now too late to hold the plebiscite this year, we have time to boost the signatures higher.



Petition Still Live! Please Click To Sign Here!

Share It Around

Share this link to the petition–2 . As you can see, the numbers have already started ticking up again. Let’s boost it as high as we can!

AME GETUP petition 2

AME Confirms

The latest email from Australian Marriage Equality confirms that, although their anti-plebiscite co-petition with GetUp is no longer on the GetUp front page, it is still live, and will eventually be presented to Parliament. Buried at the end of a long email about telling our stories sent on July 27 Alex Greenwich says:

AME Mail Bottom

Let’s give him even more signatures to hand over. Share this link to the petition–2

AME Spokesperson, Shirleene Robinson said

“AME is actively working with Getup, who host this petition, to ensure the petition has the most effective impact on the new parliament.

“We will continue to keep the signatories up to date with how we can all campaign for a parliamentary path to marriage equality as we did in the lead up to the last election.”

GetUp Says You Can Sign

GetUp has also confirmed that the petition is live and open for signatures:

AME Mail GetUp

PFLAG Survey

Meanwhile PFLAG has released the results of its scientific survey into LGBTI attitudes to the plebiscite. PFLAG says:

By liking, sharing and participating you helped us discover an overwhelming 85% of LGBTIQ Australians are firmly OPPOSED to a plebiscite with only 10% supportive and 5% unsure.

Make sure this is seen by everyone!

All the more reason to boost the numbers on the petition further: if you’ve already signed, have your co-workers, your family and your friends? And theirs? Please get them to sign.


Meanwhile Crikey has confirmed much of what the stirrer has been telling you about AME and A4E (paywalled). Nice to know they read us! Hi guys!

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