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Very soon, world leaders including US President Obama will meet President Putin in St Petersburg, Russia. UK Prime Minister David Cameron, Brazil’s President Rousseff, French President Hollande and many more will all be there for a global summit.

Imagine if just before the big meeting, tens of thousands of people gather together around the world, to speak out against Russia’s anti-gay law. That could be the headline that every world leader wakes up to.

If the Russian anti-gay law is all over the news, world leaders will feel pressure to respondwith strong statements against the law. Some of them might even go the extra mile, and call on Putin to repeal the law right there at the meeting.

To make it happen, tens of thousands of people will join Global Speak Out events near them on Tuesday 3 SeptemberCan you join in?

Click here to find an event happening near you or to sign up to hold your own:

The Global Speak Out will be an amazing chance to come together with other people who care deeply about the anti-gay law, the terrible violence, and the wider crackdown on human rights in Russia. We can give world leaders the push they need.

Lots of different organisations and people are organising events. They will probably all be a bit different. Some events will be outside Russian Embassies, some outside centres of government. Some events might have someone giving a speech, some might not.

But every event will be a chance for All Out members to come together, in a public space, to speak out for Russia, and for love.

Come along on Tuesday 3 Sept – click here to get started:

If there’s an event near you, all you have to do is go along. And if you can send us a photo from the event to, we’ll use them all to show newspapers how massive the Global Speak Out is!

If there isn’t an event near you already, perhaps you could organise your own? There’s a simple guide to help you get started.

Let’s turn Tuesday 3 Sept into a huge day of love and hope for Russia, and push our world leaders to call on President Putin to repeal the anti-gay law.
Thanks for going All Out,

Andre, Guillaume, Hayley, Jeremy, Marie, Mike, Sabelo, Tile, and the rest of the All Out team.
PS: Here’s how amazing it can be when All Out members get together – click to watch the videoof the petition delivery to the Olympic Committee in Switzerland.
PPS: Results of the survey: 27,563 All Out members filled in the survey on next steps – incredible. Getting world leaders to speak out came out as the top priority. More than a third of people also said they’d be keen to go to an event, so hopefully lots of us can get along onTuesday 3rd Sept.

The top answers to the question of who should we target were: Presidents, Prime Ministers, and Sports Ministers; the Olympic Committee; and global corporations. The top answers for things people would like to do were: forward the petition to family and friends, send an email to get people or organisations to speak out, attend an event, and chip in a donation. The areas where All Out should most focus, top priorities were: ending laws that make it illegal to be gay, ending hate crimes, discrimination and violence, and stopping organisations that offer gay ‘cures’.

It’s not perfectly scientific, but it gives the staff team a really good idea of the direction All Out members want to go, and will help guide decisions about what to do next in the coming months. Thanks for being part of it.



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