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Following the news of the loss of our Health Peak and Advisory Body funding, the past week has seen the Alliance’s Governance and Management practices come into question.  The below statement relates to these questions and is being posted to our website as a matter of record.

The Alliance’s accounting and auditing practices meet the statutory requirements under Corporation law for filings of annual returns. Our auditors have explained their statement in a quote issued to us by dfk laurence varney as:

As we don’t audit the detailed profit and loss line by line and the allocations of each of the costs we have add The Disclaimer paragraph to the detailed profit and loss which expresses that “we do not express an opinion on such financial data” The detailed profit and loss is not required to be disclosed to the users of the accounts and is just for management’s information.

The overall audit opinion is true and fair and we have not qualified the opinion overall, it is purely just for the detailed Profit on loss on page 21.

These annual audits are separate from our project reports that are submitted to funders about specific projects either at their conclusion, or as required by our funding agreements.  These requirements are different for each of our projects.

The 2014/15 profit and loss financial statements reflect the years’ activities and in particular the activities of the particular projects undertaken by the organisation in that year.  As no two years have the same activity it is incorrect to compare the funds spent over those two years as if they were.  An increase in activities of the various projects results in an increase in spending against those project activities.

The Alliance refutes allegations of $20,000 being spent on overseas travel. The Executive Director participated in the International Suicide Prevention Conference through the combination of professional development and travel funds allocated for Rebecca’s use. The trip was approved in line with the 2014/15 budget and did not exceed the $10,000 allocated for that purpose.  All staff at the Alliance receive Professional Development funds and this is a standard practice to recruit, retain and support staff.  All Professional Development and travel funds are included within the Annual Budget each year.

The Alliance prepared it’s 2015/16 budget in full knowledge of Government funds potentially being unavailable from December 2015 and will continue to evaluate and actively pursue opportunities for funding as they arise.

As part of project delivery the Alliance sub-contracts various local delivery partner organisation’s across the country to deliver elements of its projects. The details of these contracts are commercial in confidence but are listed in its profit and loss reports as sub contracting. The board includes a standing item of declaration of interests at each meeting which is recorded in the boards pecuniary interest register.

The Alliance conducts recruitment of employees in line with its employment policies.

Examples of recruitment advertising can be found by following the links below:

Each position was also advertised on the Employment Section of the Alliance’s website.

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