Alan Jones

Not every old queer is as lovely as me. Take Alan Jones. Please. Prefereably somewhere far far away.

Alan Jones says the Prime Minister’s father “died of shame”.

“On Saturday afternoon, news broke that 2GB shock jock, Alan Jones, had been recorded saying that the Prime Minister’s late father, John Gillard, died of the shame he felt at having her for a daughter.

This is, of course, a gross distortion of the truth.  Whatever we, as voters, might think of Ms Gillard, it is clear that her father was always incredibly proud of her. It is a matter of public record that his death, as a very elderly man, came after a long illness.”

That was guest stirrer Chrys Stevenson has explaining why she is defending the PM

Have a read, and then get writing. I can tell you from experience, the way to success is to attack the money pipeline. So for ease of reference, there’s a handy list of Jones sponsors emails at the foot of this post.

You think going after sponsors is wrong? The Catholic Church would not agree.

“‘Instead of writing an indignant defense [of the church]… its strategy was aimed at the business office and not at the editorial department…Members of the [Catholic] society interviewed merchants who advertised in the paper and suggested they demand an immediate change of editorial policy, if they hoped to keep Catholic trade. No intimation of boycott was given, but these businessmen understood perfectly well that the paper was supported by their advertising, and they hastened to show sympathy for their insulted Catholic patrons.”

So with the blessing of God on this fine spring Sunday: go after the bastards hip pocket 🙂

Jones sponsors emails

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sales(at), admin(at), andre(at), info(at), info(at), enquiries(at), sales(at), info(at), info(at), sales(at), info(at), info(at), sales(at), info(at)

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