Act Now: Oppose Chaplaincy Program

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Stella Thomas urges us all to act NOW to protest the national schools chaplaincy program.


Federal Budget is this Tuesday!

Share your concerns about the school chaplaincy program with Federal Education Minister Simon Birmingham

  • Make a quick call 02 6277 7350
  • Send an email
  • Sign and share Ron’s petition
  • Join the fb group
  • You could also call the Prime Ministers office 02 6277 7700

Be polite and reasoned for the best results. I’m sure you’ll have plenty to say, but I’ve dropped some pointers below.

A generic letter I received from Minister Birmingham ignored my concerns and said things like ‘I have received hundreds of letters of support’, and he consistently fails to acknowledge any opposition to NSCP. When I called his office last Thursday the officer refused to take a message. So I called again Friday and that time another officer did take a message. On top of this the NSCP complaints process was removed – please ask why! (see news article in reply to this comment). Be clear that you want your message passed on and records kept of the opposition to NSCP.

Feel free to also copy/paste/edit this post and share it.

Some points to consider when calling

Always remain polite and reasoned to get the best result.
Ask that the religious NSCP is replaced with a secular program that would be INCLUSIVE to every child and prioritises the well being criteria over the religious commitment criteria.
NSCP chaplain providers are dominated by evangelical organisations. In one video evidenced example ACCESS ministries stated: “In Australia we have a God-given open door to children and young people with the Gospel, our federal and state governments allow us to take the Christian faith into our schools and share it. We need to go and make disciples”.
The High Court made it clear that the work of a school chaplain under the NSCP “could have been done by persons who met a religious test. It could equally have been done by persons who did not.”
The Australian Psychological Society has repeatedly raised ‘significant concerns’ and called the NSCP ‘dangerous’.
Every person that supports NSCP can still receive the same service from secular workers who would be selected on experience, qualifications and merit, regardless of their religious belief.
How are discriminatory employment practices allowed in public schools? NSCP refuses to employ otherwise suitable and valued people solely due to their lack of a strong commitment to God.
NSCP claims it’s voluntary, however, chaplains are placed in the fabric of a school (they even do yard duty and run breakfast clubs) therefore it’s not possible, practical or fair to avoid contact. Aside from that public schools should run inclusive programs for children from every religion and none.
Why have a program with a compulsory religious element and write policy to suppress that element? The government claims that this makes the compulsorily religious program not religious *Face palm*
NSCP funded chaplains have water baptised students from public schools. Is this acceptable and reasonable?

Click here for news article on the removal of the complaints process