Equal Love rally, Canberra by David Burke

Victoria isn’t the only state looking for gay and lesbian advice: Andrew Barr, Deputy Chief Minister of the ACT, has just appointed one too. he writes:- 

Canberrans from a diverse range of backgrounds in education, business, legal, community support and health services are among 12 newly-appointed members of the ACT Government’s first Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI) Community Advisory Council.

This newly appointed Council will play a key role in assisting the Government to develop and implement policies, programs and services that will make Canberra the most LGBTI friendly city in Australia.

The ACT Government is committed to fostering a socially and culturally inclusive community that celebrates its diversity and supports LGBTI Canberrans. The membership of the Council has brought together a diverse range of skill, experience and expertise to achieve this objective, and over the next two years will liaise and consult with the community, service providers and key stakeholders to progress programs that will positively affect the lives of LGBTI people.

I’m looking forward to working with the new Council and am confident that it is well equipped to raise and debate issues that matter to the local LGBTI community in Canberra.

The 12 member Council, to be chaired by Heidi Yates, includes Megan Baker-Goldsmith, Emma Erikson, Ian Goudie, Ivan Hinton, Peter Hyndal (Deputy Chair), Scott Malcolm, Lyn O’Brien, Douglas Robinson, Wade Smith, Veronica Wensing and Jennifer Yates.