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Benjy the gay bull: Irish Examine

The stirrer has been booted from Facebook for a day for “breaching community standards”, although there’s no proper explanation. So in order to maintain service (!), here are some goodies I found around the net.

The March of Equality for the Rights of the LGBT Community in Ukraine was held in the center of Odesa.

During the event, three people were detained. This was reported by the press service of the National Police.


Reportedly, isolated attempts to commit a provocation and start a conflict with the procession participants and the police were made by some aggressively-minded citizens.

It is noted that clashes between participants and opponents of the rally were avoided.

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Earlier in Russia, St. Petersburg, a few men went after LGBT Pride participants after the event and sprayed pepper gas in their faces. In the group of victims there were journalists, reports Fontanka, the St. Petersburg Internet newspaper.

Indian activists reflect on the changes since decriminalisation. Still a long way to go in India!


“A lot of my friends still fear police brutality and intimidation. We still don’t have legislation and anti-bullying laws to protect us, so we are living life knowing that we have a long way left to go.” 

Julie Szego in The Age questions why religious leaders should get any say in the abortion debate.


Why do religious leaders have standing in the broader abortion debate? Why are they interviewed on the radio about the reforms as a whole?

If a woman of faith has an unwanted pregnancy she will likely seek advice from her clergy. If she doesn’t, or doesn’t follow their advice, that’s a failure of pastoral care on the clergy’s part. As for what faithless women do, how’s that the province of religious leaders?

Just this: now, as in the past, they assume the right to impose their faith on others. Far from being denied a “voice” in the public square, they have a megaphone. What irks them is that fewer of us are listening.

Despite all the Brexit hoo-hah, the UK government doubles down of LGBTI lessons in schools.

UK State schools will have to provide relationships education for primary-age pupils as well as relationships and sex education for those in secondary school.

That includes learning about LGBT people and relationships.


Benjy the gay bull thriving after being saved from slaughter

Five years after preparing to consign him to the slaughterhouse due to his sexual orientation, the former owner of Benjy the gay bull has had an emotional reunion with the celebrity Charolais.


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