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The next “Reclaim Australia” anti-Muslim rally is in Melton on Sunday. Why should lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgender and intersex people care? Because these people are violently homophobic and anti-woman, too.

Reclaim Australia –  the street-fighting front for extreme evangelical Christianity – are not the only splinter group on the extreme right who are against Muslims – the cause that will get most people riled up at the moment – but Jews, Greens, and LGBTI people too.

So who are they? Start looking, and you find the same names over and over. Memberships and alliances shift, but behind the labels it’s always the same people.

Those labels include: Rise Up Australia, United Patriots Front, Reclaim Australia, The Great Aussie Patriot, Australia First, Restore Australia, The F—n Aussie, National Democratic Party of Australia, along with the rather more sinister-sounding National Republican Guard, Nationalist Alternative, Stormfront, and White Pride.

And the “respectable” face of it all, One Nation.

But as Melbourne magistrate Jonathan Klestadt, quoting Monty Python’s Life of Brian, said in court Friday, “Whether it’s the Peoples Front of Judea or the Judean Peoples Front, it’s all the same.” as he jailed a Reclaim member for possessing weapons.

Let’s look at a few of these wingnuts.


The driving force behind Reclaim, Sri Lankan migrant Danny Nalliah was in Saudi Arabia on a mission when he met Jesus (21st July 1997, between 3.40am and 6.00am). Jesus told him to come to Australia to set up Catch The Fire Ministries and the Rise Up Australia (Keep Australia Australian) Party. Danny is one of the ideological heavyweights of Reclaim Australia and the United Patriots Front. He says:

“We oppose the promotion of homosexuality as a normal practice in schools and in public life…. school curriculums, social discourse and media commentaries have been hijacked by pro-homosexual propaganda.

“We also oppose … gay and lesbian pride marches, education policies promoting ‘sexual diversity’ and the Sydney Mardi Gras…policies that would encourage same-sex parenting or the deliberate formation of single-parent families, including government-funded fertility treatments for single mothers/fathers and same sex couples”

“Children should not be exposed to [public displays of homosexual affection] and other practices that go beyond morality.”

He claims the Victorian Black Friday bushfires were sent by god to punish us for legalising abortion, and we can expect more of the same unless we tear down Satans Strongholds, such as bottle shops, brothels, gambling dens, mosques, and Buddhist and Hindu temples.

He hosted the recent Melbourne conference of World Congress of Families when no-one else would have them, which would have been attended by several prominent Victorian and Federal Liberal Ministers, if we hadn’t spoiled their party.


Mike Holt

Wingnut two is Mike Holt, a One Nation candidate. Here, he write on the Restore Australia website:

“The truth is, this demand for gay marriage has nothing to do with ‘rights’ or acceptance at all. It is purely a political ploy by the left/communist/fabians….and it is a part of what many call Agenda 21… to quietly infiltrate and re-direct established governments to the Fabian aim of creating a one world government, with the Fabians running it, of course.

‘As part of their agenda to re-engineer our social norms they promote gay rights and gay marriage under the guise of “social justice”. Their goal is to destroy the traditional family unit and replace it with an unnatural model. or “nuclear family”, designed to undermine the very fabric of our society.”

Along with the nuttery come the usual clichés. First there’s:

“Some of my best friends are gay. I don’t judge them by their sexual orientation. They are my friends because they are good people, often very creative, always mentally stimulating.”

And then there’s ‘we must think of the children’:

“That boy has grown up in a gay household, seeing lots of gay men visiting and behaving gay. He only knows the gay lifestyle. As a result . . . he has all the worst gay attributes; the bitchiness, the affected mannerisms, the funny talk, and a callous disregard for the feelings of others. In other words, he has grown up without a decent moral compass and it shows.”


Jim Saleam

Wingnut three is Jim Saleam, leader of Australia First Party, also no fan of diversity. He describes trans and intersex people as ‘mutations’:

“Greens have always stood up for full equality for LGBTI Australians (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender, whatever), and always will . . . . And look where that has got Tasmanians – basket weavers, basket-casers, a lost generation.

“The Greens say core traditional family values can easily co-exist with lesbian covens with adopted boys – living next door, going to the same pre-school, same primary school, through high school, and through adolescence.

“Once same sex marriage becomes law, it will become illegal to discriminate against any marriage combination and their family practices or adoption rights – homosexual, transexual, transgender, agender, androgyne, bigender, cisgender, genderqueer, hijra, pangender, trans man, trans woman, trigender, two-spirit, cross-dresser, and other mutations yet to become public.”


blair cottrell

Charming people, aren’t they? But none quite so charming as the poster boy of the moment, Blair Cottrell.
Looking every inch the muscled-up neo-Nazi, this bellowing bellicose Tom of Finland clone is an evangelist for ‘racial purity’, a violent anti-semite and misogynist, who thinks Hitler’s picture ought to be in every school classroom in Australia.

Hugh Harris writes:

“Reclaim Australia consists of a front for evangelical Christians. Those goose-stepping for God, combining religious zeal with associating with hate groups, are only reclaiming an historical bigotry. Australia was once a Christian country but never the sort of hollering, miracle worshipping, tele-evangelistic freak show that the backers of Reclaim Australia imagine.”

Cottrell hates homosexuality because it’s all part of a Jewish conspiracy to undermine our morals, or something like that. In a Facebook comment, now deleted, he wrote:

‘…..Jews …. have introduced and normalized Communism, adultery, homosexuality, atheism, egalitarianism resulting in bastardization and race-mixing in the host people, economic disasters with the introduction of central banks based upon debt and the list goes on,’

‘I would consider the Jews of today to be a much deadlier enemy than the violent Islamic pillagers, who just kill and maim openly and seldom attempt to infiltrate and subvert entire generations of other nations in a bid for world power.’

He doesn’t like women much, either. As reported in the Daily Mail (yes, it does sometimes have its uses), feminism is a Jewish conspiracy and women can never have equal rights.

“’Women have manipulated me using sex and emotion; demoralization, and I have manipulated them using violence and terror. We use what we have to get what we want,’


Pay attention to these people. They are violent, dangerous, and very much against LGBTI people. There’s a counter-rally in Melton on Sunday, organised by No Room For Racism. If you decide to go, take care. Previous rallies have turned violent, and the Reclaim Australia mob are known to carry weapons.

They also have friends in the Coalition :

Rally against racism

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