Monthly Archives: November 2013

What I’ve Learned From Books

Beautiful, seductive, dangerous, the only true magic in the world.

Political Norovirus Takes Hold In Canberra

Whoever takes over after this outbreak will have an ocean of shit and vomit to mop up.

Ugandan Situation Worsens

“No where to hide or run, . . . but am not running away let me be killed for what I believe in!!!!!!!”

Terror in Uganda: Mass Arrests, More Coming

Arrests of LGBTI across Uganda gather pace, police say will continue till New Year

Let’s Elect Out Gay MPs

We have Senators, we have state MPs, but we need MPs in Federal parliament

Ugandan Police Hunt Down Gay Activists

LGBTq activists going into hiding, fleeing to safe houses

Enter The Ghosts of Marriage Past

The mocking insulting language of Howard’s time is revived

Not Speaking, But Amplifying

Douglas Pretsell & Doug Pollard, Kaleidoscope Human Rights Foundation