Monthly Archives: October 2013

Satan, God & Rugger Buggers

Satanic we may be, but this compassionate Christian loves us still

Cut Marriage From Same-Sex Marriage Act To Win Marriage

Not having equality can make you sick, but faux-equality can make you sicker.

Same Sex Super: Colonial First State / ComBank

In 2009 the SIS Act and income tax laws were changed to include same-sex relationships in the definition of dependent for the purposes of payment of death benefits. This means…

American Weddings: More States Join In

Glory, glory hallelujah, the States go marrying on!!

Race To Stop Happy Wedding Snaps

Mad dash for the courts betrays a nervous government

Cunning Stunts & Cultural Cringe

Never mind the marriage, where’s the equality?

HIV Up – Condoms Down – What Now?

Something to think about as we celebrate our stunted unequal ‘marriages’ in Canberra

Ban This Homo-Hating Witch Hunter From Our Shores

Tell this witch-hunting homophobic money-hungry cleric he’s not welcome

Same Sex Super: Australian Super

AustralianSuper said: “Different rules do not apply to same sex couples.  The Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act 1993 includes same sex spouses in its definition of spouse. At AustralianSuper, if a pension…