Monthly Archives: August 2013

AllOut Global SpeakOut Sept 3

Co-ordinated action against Putin’s Pogrom

Putin Bans Protests: Global Response Called

Call for a Global Speak Out on September 3 with events planned around the world

Time To Rip The Cover Off Hate Crime

Unsolved gay murders: the issue no-one is talking about in this election

Labor’s Dodgy Preferences in Melbourne Ports

The Labor incumbent in Melbourne Ports also has a less than gay friendly how to vote card.

Hungary the Next Danger Zone for LGBTI?

Hungary is the latest Eastern European country where anti-gay acts under a dictatorship are on the rise.

Greens First To Pledge Support for LGBTI Worldwide

Greens leader first to sign the pledge with Kaleidoscope Trust Australia

Ignore How To Vote Cards: Use Brain & Website Instead

Even the sinister Senate ballot paper is easy – with a little help from your computer.

Gay Liberal Candidate Preferences Anti-Gay Parties

Fine words not matched by actions: bound by party deals and unable to make own choices

Football Australia announces Pride Football Australia Tournament

Pride Football Australia’s 2013 tournament will be held 4-6 October in Melbourne