Monthly Archives: February 2013

Have AFL Vic Country Tackled Homophobia?

VCFL responds to accusations they haven’t done enough on homophobia.

Freshly Doug Thursday

Calls to end anti-bullying program; witch-hunt for gay players; corporate US for equal marriage

Witch-Hunt for a Gay Player

The tabloids are waiting to pounce. It’s only a matter of time.

Businesses & Cities Supporting Marriage Equality

Disney Apple Mars JetBlue Adobe Facebook Twitter CreditSuisse Google Starbucks

Rainbow Report on The Margins

All change in Bairnsdale? The intersex birth certificate problem. Queer Film is missing a movie.

Freshly Doug Wednesday

Making the Sydney Rainbow permanent; Roman puppets defend their masters; real gay debate in an African country.

My Queer Agenda – Daniel Scoullar

Homophobia kills, through anxiety, depression, self-harm and suicide. It is a public health issue, as toxic as second-hand smoke. There must be no place for it anywhere.

Freshly Doug Tuesday

In brief: Tachell mulls outing gay opponents; more Uganda; Queensland turning homophobic.

Fresh G-A-Y Branding

Hollywood does remakes, reinventions, re-imaginings all the time. Let’s re-imagine GAY.

Freshly Doug Monday

Sacked in Russia, persecuted in Africa, carrying lifelong scars from schoolyard bullying: it’s amazing we’re as great as we are!