Monthly Archives: January 2013

Freshly Doug Thursday

Katter resigns (no not that one); Abbott seeks input; pro-family speakers trashes gay dads; Scouts damned if they do or don’t.

Election Campaign Editorial Policy

All political viewpoints welcome here.

Freshly Doug Wednesday

Christaliban filth found at Monash Uni; 2 gay Liberal candidates found, but no policies; The Guardian arrives downunder. And more.

Rainbow Report on History

The Rainbow Report on History, 7pm AEDST on Joy 94.9 Melbourne, or live online via the website/phone app.

The Abbott Interview 25 March 2010 – Time for a Rematch

25th March 2010 interview with Tony Abbott. He said nothing about teh gay at his campaign launch: has he ‘evolved’ since 2010? Let’s get him back again soon.

Freshly Doug Monday

Remembering David Kato, France and England offer “marriage . . but”, India shows the way as Victoria attacks anti-discrimination proposals.

Freshly Doug Thursday

Athlete allies, apologetic mayors, slap in the face for Egyptian gays, and a potential holocaust in Uganda.

Rainbow Report on Openness

The Rainbow Report on Openness, Joy 94.9 Thurs 24 Jan 7pm AEDST, online, or via the free smartphone app.

Freshly Doug Wednesday

Senate ally downed, Nepal goes gender-neutral, Russia thinks again, LGBTI, sport & schools.